Tim Brooks

I am a research scientist at OpenAI where I co-lead Sora, our video generation model. My research investigates large-scale generative models that simulate the physical world.

I received a PhD at Berkeley AI Research advised by Alyosha Efros, where I invented InstructPix2Pix. I previously worked on AI that powers the Pixel phone's camera at Google and on video generation models at NVIDIA.

This website contains some of my original individual and collaborative works. My photography has landed awards from National Geographic, Nature's Best Photography and National Wildlife Federation. I have performed at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway in New York City and have received an international award for a cappella beatboxing.

I am passionate about artificial intelligence, and fortunate that it melds with my love for photography, film, and music. I welcome your comments and questions about my work.

Two is better than one. Check out my partner Sandy Campbell (Behavioral Science Researcher at UC Berkeley)